Sunday, May 28, 2006

Weekly Bresee Article

Here she is...even though its been more than a week!! That's okay we won't hold it against him. Enjoy!

By Rick Savage

The last thing we read in Scripture just before the birth of the Church is notes from a business meeting where an election was held. That's remarkable. Taking care of business isn't a very exciting thing. Yet, taking care of business is essential in the ebb and flow of life, church and otherwise.

Waiting on God can be exciting. Making plans and dreaming about the future can be exciting. Praying with brothers and sisters in Christ can be exciting. Holding elections, however, that's not my idea of exciting. Elections are necessary, mind you, but the Holy Spirit doesn't show up too often in power and majesty at the annual meeting. He's there but the truth is that most of us want to get the meeting over with so we can go out and have ice cream.

In the book of Acts, however, in the midst of the praying and the waiting and dreaming it was decided that Judas needed to be replaced. So, they thought long and hard and came up with two names to place on the ballot -- Barsabbas and Matthias. Each agreed to let their name appear on the ballot, lots were cast and the winner was ……….. Matthias, “and he was added to the eleven apostles" (Acts 1:26). Next stop, Acts two, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that changed the history of the world, and empowered Christians who would go out and inundate their world with Good News.

God in the ordinary stuff of life; don't you just love it? They’re getting ready for the biggest day in the history of the world, next to Good Friday and Easter Sunday morning, and the folks are conducting an election. And, an ordinary people, doing ordinary things, filled with an extra-ordinary God began a movement that is still marching forward under the conducting baton of Almighty God.

Who Would Have Thought It?

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