Friday, October 27, 2006

Cyril of Alexandria

So I am taking a class at school called The Theology of the Major Eastern Church Fathers. I will be writting a paper on Cyril of Alexandria's Christology as a theology of worship. I came across this quote that placed the Eucharist right at the heart of worship and Cyril's Christology. There are two things I want to point out that are happening in this quote. For Cyril, Christ must have His own flesh. It was not good enough for salvation to come in one who possessed a power like that of the prophets, for example. God Himself must save. Also, notice the importace of the flesh of Christ for the life of the world. Oh man, how this is forgotten in the ever expanding Protestant rebellion! Let us learn Christ at His table. Enjoy the quote.

So we approach the mystical gifts and are sanctified, becoming partakers of the holy flesh and the honourable blood of Christ the Saviour of us all, not receiving it as ordinary flesh - God forbid - nor as that of a man sanctified and conjoined to the Word by a unity of honor, or as one who had received a divine dwelling, but as truly life-giving and the Word's own flesh. For being by nature, as God, life, when he had become one with his own flesh, he made it life-giving.

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Cyril of Alexandria, Third Letter to Nestorius