Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Vicarious Humanity of Christ

"The vicarious humanity of Christ thus became integral to the doctrine of the ‘atoning exchange’ effected by him and in him between God and man. Hence the Gospel of the reconciliation of man with God has to be understood not just in terms of God’s mighty acts of salvation upon our humanity, but in terms of its actualization within the depths of our human existence in the perfecting and presenting in and through Jesus of our response of faith and obedience, in love and worship, to God the Father. For us to share in the worship of the Father through, with and in Jesus Christ belongs to the essence of our reconciliation to God, and is over the very substance of the Gospel.”


Scott Savage said...

T.F. Torrance, The Trinitarian Faith: The Evangelical Theology of the Ancient Catholic Church, 4.

Michael Pailthorpe said...

HI Scott, I too am currently reflecting upon the vicarious humanity of Christ and the thinking of TF Torrance on my blog 'Intellectus Fidei' I have just discovered your blog and will come back and check it out.

Kind Regards,

Michael Pailthorpe