Friday, January 26, 2007

My Theological Meme

Charlie has tagged me to put my own theological meme. First, the rules of the game:

1) You do not talk about fight ... Oh, sorry. Wrong game.

Here we go. Rule number one (and there are one and a half rules).

1/2) You do not meme until memed upon (actually I made that one up).
1) Name three (or more) theological works from the last 25 years (1981-2006) that you consider important and worthy to be included on a list of the most important works of theology of that last 25 years (in no particular order).

So, without further ado.

1) T. F. Torrance, The Trinitarian Faith, 1995.
2) G. Simon Harak, Virtuous Passions, 2001
3) John Zizioulas, Being as Communion, 2002

Schmemann’s For the Life of the World did not make the cut because it was written in 1973. That would be my alternative fourth if the time frame ever changed. Or maybe Hauerwas’, The Peaceable Kingdom … Or even Cavanaugh’s Torture and Eucharist.

Tag, you’re it: Brian Postlewait, Matt Alexander, and J.R. Caines.


urbanmonk said...

Scott I responded on my blog.

I've never read Harak both Torrance's , "The Trinitarian Faith," and Zizioulas' "Being and Communion," are high on my list maybe top 15. It's hard to make a list out of the last 25 years. I think the previous 25 were more fruitful.

Andre said...

Just making sure my log in works.

J.R. said...

Scott, thanks for the tag, I will get on that in the net couple days. I am excited to think about this!

kallie said...

Okay Goober, i played my cards. Incidentally, did you ask your wifey for her top theo-novels?