Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Nietzsche kick

So, it has been a while since I posted.

Anyways, I still have one post to catch up on. Eric tagged tagged a while back to post personal facts and habits. Stay tuned for that.

For now, I need some book help. I am taking an interest in Nietzsche as of late and wanted to see you all might suggest a good book or two or five critiquing Nietzsche's philosophy.

I know, I return to the blogosphere only to make demands. But don't worry. If Nietzsche has taught me anything thus far it is that I can only seek to add postively to your life.

Peace out,


Fro B One said...


A good read is Suspicion and Faith, by Merold Westphal. He deals with Freud, Marx, and Nietzsche. The book is great, and makes some compelling points. Hope everything is going well. Later Reverend!!!

Fred said...

Henri De Lubac's classic Drama of Atheist Humanism. The Ignatius Press edition contains a section on Nietzsche as mystic.

Eric Lee said...


I would second Fred's recommendation of de Lubac's Drama of Atheist Humanism. Also, I would add the end sections of David Bentley Hart's Beauty of the Infinite that critique Nietzsche as well, which are really good. The end of Hart's first section critiquing modernists/'postmodernists' ends in an aesthetic critique of Nietzsche, and then he comes back around at the end when he speaks about the optics of the market in a critique.

There is, of course, Michael Allen Gillespie's Nihilism Before Nietzsche, but that is more genealogical in nature and doesn't really focus wholeheartedly on N (this text is heavily influential on the Radical Orthodoxy peeps, btw).



Scott Savage said...

It was actually Hart's section on Nietzsche in the first part of his book that got me interested. However, I have not finished the book. I picked up de Lubac's book today and am looking forward to it. Thanks for the tip on Gillespie, i'll check it out.

I started reading Westphal today. I've only looked at the intro chapters. So far I am really drawn to his concern for the life of the Church.