Wednesday, January 16, 2008


The good news of the gospel is that we can re-imagine the world. We can see things the way they are; the way God sees them. It’s difficult to re-imagine the world when your next-door neighbor had their car stolen right out of their driveway not one hour after she had arrived home. Why do the folks who can’t afford to buy a new car have to be the one’s who have their car stolen in the first place? The older cars are easier to break into, I suppose. However, the reason she is driving a 1990 Buick in the first place is because she can’t afford to buy a “better” car because they cost too much. And so it goes. I’m trying to re-imagine the world right now. All I can think about is what I would have done if I had shown up in the middle of the act. I can’t seem to re-imagine the situation as God might see it. I can't seem to re-imagine the world.


Anonymous said...

Scott, i'm not sure if we can truly re-imagine the justice of a nonviolent God as long as we are so immersed in this world of violence and travail. i think the closest we can come to it is to come along side one another and bear burdens together and speak of a hope for Gods kingdom to break in even now.

Scott Savage said...

Your words are most helpful and encouraging! I think you're right that we can't re-imagine the justice of a nonviolent God. We can only hope that the kingdom of that God does break in and re-order everything. There is something to bear burdens the welcomes God's Kingdom with open arms.

Peace my friend,