Monday, April 14, 2008

your TV queue

So, in the recent years I have found myself watching a variety of TV shows such as Scrubs, The Office, LOST, Alias, Entourage, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Heres, and Millennium. Lately, however, I have been wondering what shows people have in their "queue," so to speak. It's like your Netflix que but for TV shows that you have yet to watch. For me these shows would be Deadwood, The Wire, X-Files, Dexter (maybe), Firefly, and Eli Stone. What about you?

On the flip side, list a bunch of shows that you wish never existed. This sounds like fun! For me, right now, it's October Road. Cool premise, but it's painfully verbose.


Wilson Ryland said...

I am more than with you on October Road. Every single character talks like a wanna-be writer. Nobody just talks. This shows incredible self-importance on the part of the actual writers. "Oh, if only everybody thought and talked like us, what a wonderful world that would be."

Also wish "The Hills," and any "fall in love with a 80's celebrity" show would go away. Oh, and, of course, Oprah.

mindy said...

Not being a TV person myself, I'm afraid I can't adequately answer your excellent question. I would like to say, however, thank goodness SOMEONE else is posting in April. I don't know anybody else who has posted on their blog this month. Where have all the bloggers gone...?

As for shows in our "queue" (I think it's queue, not que, maybe? not sure). Anyway, we're finally caught up on The Office and that was realy the main one we wanted to watch. Scrubs is in the queue for sure. Arrested Development is so fabulous; I think I've already seen them all, but Josh hasn't seen any, so it's in my queue for him.

Shows I wish had never happened: Unsolved Mysteries. That show used to freak me out SO BAD! Also the Incredible Hulk; I used to run out of the room screaming when I was a little girl and that show came on!

Scott Savage said...

Thanks for the heads up on the word "queue!" I have made the corrections.

Katie and I have been thinking about giving Arrested Development another chance. There are just too many good people that love the show.

mindy said...

Another chance? Does that mean you tried it once and it didn't fly?

I watched it marathon style, and I would highly recommend watching it that way.

It probably also helps if it's very late at night and everyone's slap-happy.

(slap-happy is a fabulous word, in my opinion).

Scott Savage said...

Yeah, we started at one point but I think we got too distracted because it was the same summer we started watching the office. I think your right about watching shows marathon style. That's usually how I watch Scrubs and I enjoy it way more that way.

And yeah, what's up with "Unsolved Mysteries?" Talk creating an unnecessary fear complex in people.

Another show I wish would die and go hell is "To Catch a Predator." C'mon people!

Brando said...

I'm mad because I posted a great comment with lots of information, then I lost it so now I'll try to regain my composure.

In my queue: Twin Peaks, Babylon 5, Deadwood, The Wire, Rome (I've seen Season 1), Arrested Development, and Millenium. I'll probably never get around to watching all of these, but I've heard good things about all of them.

Should have never been created: Desperate Housewives, Everybody Loves Raymond, The Dukes of Hazard season with Bo and Luke's cousins, The season of Saved By the Bell with Tory, Early Edition, Christy, Falcon Crest, Diagnosis Murder, Jake and the Fat Man, Martin, Moesha, AND OPRAH

Matthew said...

The only show I ever watch is Battlestar Galactica, even though it has become a terrible show. I just can't give up after watching this long.

I could do without all of those "MOST EXTREME brown and white spotted mammal with really long neck (EXTREMELY SO!!!) that eats the MOST EXTREME green leaves in Africa's MOST EXTREME savannas"-type shows. I just want to see normal animals. Why does television have to be so loud? I miss having the NASA channel.

Thomas Bridges said...

Aqua Teen Hunger Force baby!

Wilson Ryland said...
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Kaz said...

My queue: House, Grey's Anatomy, The Sopranos, and Flight of the Conchords

Shows I wish had never happened: The Bachelor, 24, American Idol

Charlie said...

So we just watched this week's LOST. Whoa. It's really picking up the pace, I love it!

katie your wife said...

i'm mostly doing this so you will know that i read your blog today.

shows that are in my queue: house (i've only seen shows here or there, but love it love it love it)... wow, i think that's it. i guess i sort of want to see the first season of 24.

shows that i wish never existed:
the fourth and fifth seasons of alias. they should have stopped at three.
i agree with brandon about saved by the bell the tori year.
the bachelor. (one giant leap back for womankind. and no, having the bachelorette doesn't help)
transformers. i used to be so scared of that show!