Saturday, May 23, 2009

One by Neuhaus

"And so, because we do not pretend that the Church is the Kingdom of God, we offer no excuses for its not being the Kingdom of God. There will be no satisfactory Church, no Church that can be embraced without ambiguity, until the world of which the Church is part is satisfactorily ordered in the consummation of God's rule. In short, we cannot get it all together until God has gotten it all together in the establishment of the Messianic Age."

-Richard John Neuhaus, Freedom for Ministry

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Brando said...

A collective sigh of relief for the Church that thinks it must have everything together. Hopefully this is heard not as an excuse to throw ourhands up and say "this ain't the Kingdom yet" but as an open invitation to a world that doesn't need finger pointing but does need authentic travelers to journey with.