Saturday, June 02, 2012

Around the Horn

Just a couple of videos for this weeks around the horn. Y'all don't want to read anything anyways. But you might want to help me write a story (see below).

- Watch this lady from Code Pink speak out against U.S. use of drone warfare. What do you think? (via Juan Cole). He also posted this piece on the drone question.

- You need to spend some time with Jean Vanier. What a great video!

- A movie I will see, likely in the theater (that's a big deal for people with little gremlins, I mean, kids).

- Let's have some fun, yeah? I'll give you the first line of a story and you give me the next. Keep adding on to what others write and we'll see where it takes us: "As he rounded the corner, he knew that one thing was for sure: he would never do that again." What's happens next?

(Image via imomus)

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