Friday, January 27, 2006

My Vicarious Existence, Part Two

Yesterday I took my dog out six times, on the hour, every hour, beginning at 8:00am to go to the bathroom (potty as she is accustomed). That is not the structure in which I would prefer to enjoy my mornings. I got frustrated. I also went to the grocery story after she finally went. There I met Jennifer. Jennifer bagged my groceries. Jennifer also has Downs Syndrome. I learned something...

As much as the lady that helped Jennifer bag groceries is responsible for her, I am responsbile for my dog. Now, I do not want to make a parallel comparison, for the lady helping Jennifer was much more virtuous than myself standing with my dog on a leash. However, I was reminded of our responsibility to care for creation, to be our brothers and sisters keepers. I found myself caught up in Jennifer in such a way that it first, brought a smile to my face, and second, reminded me of my participation in God through Christ and that may I exist in Jesus, through Jesus, and because of Jesus. And, as T. F. Torrance is helping me see, I have a vicarious existence as a part of the body of Christ. I am deficient, like in blogging, of living in holiness. My dog and Jennifer (mostly Jennifer) helped me yesterday. This may seem quaint, but pleae see through my weak analogies.

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