Friday, January 27, 2006

Okay...So I'm reading Hauerwas' Community of Character and have come up with a great blogospherical analogy for the training of people to embody the character formed by the virtues of their particular narrative. By the way, Hauerwas is very helpful in navigating the postmodern waters of nihilism. My analogy is blogging. Yeah! Okay, so maybe it's a little anticlimactic. But, since I am frustrated that I have spent half my morning trying to understand why all my post's say "Read More!" when there is nothing more to read I am happy that I, thought not I, have figured it out. Thanks to my friend Charlie and the nice the people who have supplied the blogosphere's helpful scripture (located at the top right corner if your using blogger) I am able to supply a "Read More!" option. Needless to say. I am ready to get back to my reading and am confident that I (We?) have successfully navigated the bloggy waters and am no longer formless and void. Consequently, I have come to realize that part of the bloggers charcater formation is the ability to cram something else into an otherwise nicely scheduled morning of reading and relaxing before work during your break between semesters.


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