Thursday, March 23, 2006

Weekly Bresee Article

'Ekstasis' and 'Kenosis' are words attributed to God. God is the one who's being is a complete and utter giving and emptying of himself. He is this as he is the myserty of the trinity. In the Spirit, the Father wholly gives himself in the Son who, in return, obeys the will of the Father. It is difficult for us to comprehend the notion that light consumes darkness. We understand it when we turn a light on in a room because there is no longer any darkness. Viola! But when we talk about Jesus, who is the light (life), entering darkness (death), we are talking about mystey (or, crazy talk). True light has proceeded from the Father, has come in the flesh, has been put to death, and has killed death. Enjoy the article!

From My Heart
By Rick Savage

Jesus said people love darkness rather than light. I guess there is something in the human heart that longs to embrace its own lusts and fantasies; something that demands self-expression and self-exaltation and self- sufficiency. Jesus called it darkness and said that people love darkness and choose it.

This makes the incarnation all the more breathtaking to me. Can you imagine being God knowing totally and fully what you were getting yourself into and then choosing to come anyway into a world that loves darkness rather than light? That's a huge thing don't you think? And, three years into His ministry sure enough the darkness had had enough of Him and nailed the light to a cross.

It is a sobering thought to think that God "emptied Himself of all but love, and bled for Adam's helpless race." And, it is a sobering thought to think, as horrific as it sounds, you and I were children of the darkness no less guilty than the people who physically carried out His crucifixion.

Thankfully, the light of God was so light that the darkness could not put it out, and even though darkness took Jesus to the cross it could not keep Him there. Yes, it took His life but on the third day He rose up again to conquer sin and death. In His very dying He overcame darkness, and today His love woos us into the arms of God where we discover life and meaning we never thought possible in this world.

Today, the Church is present to be the light of Jesus. It's pretty dark at times, isn't it, but not so dark as to overpower the love of God. The power that raised Jesus up from the dead is the power at work in our lives. May God help us to let His light shine through our lives.

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