Friday, August 18, 2006

Board of General Superintendants Call for Prayer and Peace

Note this statement by the General Superintendants:

"The Board of General Superintendents joins all people who are deeply disturbed by the violence and bloodshed in our world. The number of militaristic hot spots has grown to include millions of our planet's citizens. We deplore the loss of human life, the destruction of property, and the enormous toll in human suffering exacted by the intransigence of warring parties.

With specific regard to the conflict between Hezbollah and Israeli military, we wish to express our concerns as well as our grief over the suffering resulting from both the events leading up to the conflagration and the current conflict. We wish to commend the community of nations for its efforts in working toward a God-honoring peace. The issues must be addressed in ways that ensure basic human rights, which all individuals and nations deserve.

We offer our prayers for peace and encourage Nazarenes around the world to intercede for world peace. We continue to affirm the message of Jesus, the Hope. Our prayer remains steadfast that all will come to know the Christ who is our Peace."


matt said...

Great to see. Amazing we'd get that barely a year after they almost invited W. to address the General Assembly. Do you know if they ever released a similar statement specifically referring to Iraq and/or Afghanistan?

J.R. said...

Wow, that is awesome. It's good to see the Superintendants makeing a statement like this.

urbanmonk said...

Finally one in which don't read and gag at the same moment. Seriously, praise the Lord.

Interesting: note the use of the terms, "planet's citizens


Israeli and Hezbollah "military"


"Basic human rights which individuals and nations deserve."

Implicit is an inability to critique the inherent violence of nation states and the idolatry of worshiping the Emperor or Empire.

Scott Savage said...

I don't think they ever issued a statement. Not surprising though. But, to the General's defense, the Iraqi war has been a real time of awaken. Perhaps, they have learned something from their reflections and observations of this current age. However, it is true that they are far from a prophetic voice of the systemic violence that grips nations. Perhaps we Protestants still have reason to listen and be formed by the Catholic apple tree from which we have so far stumbled. Peace.