Saturday, February 02, 2008

Big LOST Questions

LOST kicked off its fourth season on Thursday. I, however, decided that I had better not watch the first episode and attend the last day of class for my Spring module. Big decisions have to be made! So, I watch the episode today at a friends house which sparked a conversation about some of the questions that we had about the show and what we thought might happen in the end. The conversation made me wonder about the bigger, overarching questions that we all have about the show. I got to wondering just what are the questions people are asking that would need answering if the show was going to provide some sort of closure. Here are a few we came up with. Did I miss any? I'm sure I did.

What is the Island?
How do you get to the Island?
Who is Jacob?
What does 4 8 15 16 23 42 mean?

There are of course more poignant questions so feel free to ask those as well.

Who is Penny?
Did Desmond travel in time?
What does Lock really know?
Who is Ben?


Eric Lee said...

Also, where is Jack's dad's body? (remember the casket was empty in season 1)

Also, did you notice that it was Jack's Dad -- Christian Shephard -- who was sitting in the chair in Jacob's cabin when Hurley looked in?

I'm also curious about:

- The "Oceanic Six" ... who are they besides probably Jack, Hurley, Kate...? and what did they have to do to get off the island? Not only that, but who is still left on the island and why?

- How did Ben get Locke's dad onto the island?

- WTF is that smoke monster thing?

Scott Savage said...

Yes, WTF is the smoke monster?

And I did notice that it was Jack's dad in the rocking chair. Freaky!

Yes, the 'Oceanic Six!' And with that, who's funeral did Jack attend at the end of last season? Also, did Hurley switch sides from Locke to Jack? Was he forced to leave the island?

Here's one I had forgot about. Are Nicki and Paolo dead or alive? If they got out, how?

OMG, so many questions!!

How do you think they will end they how? Do you think all of our questions will be "answered?" I tend to think it will be a mysterious answering. We'll get something but will still wonder about what we have got along way down the road.

Eric Lee said...

Nicki and Paolo are really dead, according to the executive producers /writers at the 2007 LOST SD Comic Con session. They said that the fans were crying 'fowl' when they began introducing those characters more and just decided to devote one whole episode to finishing up their story arc instead of making it span till the rest of the season, needing to focus back on the main story. They declared that they were actually buried alive.

Have you seen the 'mobisodes' on yet? They have one with Jack's dad which is definitely interesting.

The producer/writers at the con also mentioned that:

- What we see even in the flash fowards should not be considered to be the end, i.e. there is more to the story to tell beyond even that.

- What we are seeing in the 'future' really is the future, i.e. these are not alternate futures a la Back to the Future II where they go back in time and change reality back to normal by making sure Biff doesn't get the 1985 sports almanac.

Another question:

What's up with that Dr. Alpert guy -- 2nd. in 'command' to Ben -- who originally found Ben in the woods and was the guy who hired Juliette... what is up with his weird aging thing? He doesn't seem to have actually aged since the storyline's 'now' from when he initially found Ben in the woods -- he just got a haircut.

How I will think it will end? I think a deeper mystery will hopefully be revealed concerning:

- the original hatch that imploded and what is up with that

- The relationship between Dharma and the 'others' who, under Dr. Alpert / Ben / Jacob's leadership killed off the original Dharma team.

- I think something freaky is going to take place between Locke, Ben, Jacob, and Jack's dad somehow. I think Locke might turn bad (or possibly the reverse: the absolute hero in the end). I think Ben feels really threatened that Locke can hear Jacob and so I wonder if Locke will somehow emerge as the leader. Either way, it seems like there will be more of a standoff later between Ben and Locke: they both have strong personalities and both can read people really well, and I've found the scenes between them to be some of the most interesting in a kind of 'battle of the wills' sense.

That's all I have for now....

Eric Lee said...

The main reason I hope they say more about the original hatch and the pressing of the button, etc., is because they spent so much time 1) introducing the hatch in the first season (i.e. digging it up, attempting to open it), and 2) so much time in the second season in the hatch and pressing the button and stuff.

While I know an intentional plot effort was made to make the 3rd season primarily about the Others and the Survivors' confrontation with them, the whole hatch thing seems kind of like a disappointing oh-yeah-remember-that? thing.

Scott Savage said...

I hear ya about the hatch. I, as well, hope that plays a huge factor in the end. And I did not know that about Nicki and Paolo. That makes it that much more awesome! Who on TV actually gets away with burying someone alive?! My prediction is that somewhere in season five the oceanic six, or five (depending on when the funeral was), will come to some sort of agreement of situation and make intentional efforts about getting back to the island. If you pressed me on it today, I would say that they don't go back. But that's how I feel today.

I haven't watched any modisodes yet. And probably wont based on my reading assignments this semester. I have a few other shows that I like to watch that will dominate my TV watching time. Namely, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and the Office and Scrubs is that stupid strike ever ends. Plus, I am way into zombie movie's these days so that will take up quite a bit of time.

Eric Lee said...

Although, the 'mobisodes' are only about 2 or 3 minutes each ;)

A single click here will start all 13 of them playing.

mwa ha ha ha ha

p.s. what's some good zombie movies you've seen lately? I am also a fan.