Monday, February 18, 2008


What do you listen to when you study?


Brian Niece said...


Just started following your blog today. Happen to be studying and writing sermons.

I use various playlists from my iPod that are constantly in flux. Right now I'm listening to Pavoratti's greatest hits.

Other playlists include: Rob Roy and Braveheart soundtracks; various other Celtic musicscapes; vintage jazz; Deep Forest; Bach; Vespers chants; Bob Marley.

Scott Savage said...

I also enjoy the Braveheart soundtrack. I'll have to check out Rob Roy and Deep Forest.

I forgot to mention a few music options that I enjoy. (1) John Coltrane, Trane's Blues. Really, Jazz in general. (2) Radiohead, In Rainbows (sometimes). (3) Gillian Welch, Time - The Revelator.

By the way, do you have a sister named Stephanie?

Eric Lee said...

While I've been listening to The Frames and the Once soundtrack a lot lately, I tend to listen to a lot of 'shoegaze' music when I study like:

- Explosions in the Sky
- Hammock
- God Speed You Black Emperor!
- Lemon Jelly


- Band of Horses
- Unkle
- Squarepusher (when I feel hyped up)
- Kaya Project
- Fauxliage
- Front Line Assembly
- Haujobb

Tim Suttle said...

sigur ros // they sing in icelandic or else in the lead singer's own made-up language so you can't understand what they are saying, which is helpful when you are trying to study. it's pretty incredible music. Here is a video of their most well known song:

Matthew said...

Silver Jews' American Water
Old-school Leftist country/western
Xiu Xiu's Knifeplay
Mahler's 1st symphony
Random drone metal albums
Stars of the Lid-style ambient stuff

Study music has either to be something I've heard a million times before and so don't need to pay attention to it, or else be something without lyrics or at least lyrics I can't understand. I just need background noise.

I know it is evidence of moral laxity to make fun of someone's musical preferences, but "Celtic musicscapes" is the most painful phrase I've ever seen in my life. I'm going to hell.

Charlie said...

Stuff in foreign languages

Nothing where the lyrics are so distinct that it will take my mind off what I'm reading.

Brian Niece said...

Why ... yes I do. In fact Stephanie is now our Worship Arts Pastor here and her husband Tony Jeck is our Spiritual Formation Pastor. Is there a KC connection here?

Wilson Ryland said...

listening to music is difficult for me when I study. i always get distracted, paying too much attention to the melody, harmony, bassline or whatever and forgetting what i sat down to study in the first place.

though when i do, it's usually sigur ros (as above).