Monday, January 23, 2012

Rowan Williams to debate Richard Dawkins

I just found out that Rowan Williams will debate Richard Dawkins. Williams is the head of the Anglican Communion and Dawkins is a prominent voice in the so called "new atheist" movement, people like Richard Dawkins, Same Harris, and Christopher Hitchens. The details of the event can be found here.

Any thoughts on how this will turn out? Does anyone know if they will stream this for the rest of us?

 For a sneak peak, check out this exchange between Williams and Dawkins from a few years ago.

You might also check out this audio interview with David Bentley Hart (it's number 12 on the list). Hart is not one to pull punches when it comes to the new atheists, accusing people such as Dawkins as lacking "the training, perhaps the aptitude ... to understand the metaphysical tradition" he critiques, and this interview doesn't disappoint. I haven't read Hart's book on this topic, but I am sure he takes him and others to task there as well. The interview is a little heady because that's how Hart rolls, but nevertheless it's pretty interesting stuff.

Couple of question: (1) If you're an atheist, do you find a person like Dawkins to be someone who speaks for you, who voices your concerns? (2) If you're an atheist, does Williams offer at least a decent take on Christianity that's different from the normal outspoken evangelical right perspective?

I'm just wondering how much I should listen to Dawkins if he's not speaking for a majority of new atheists. I'm also wondering how much Williams is able to offer at least a helpful Christian perspective that takes science seriously.

Let me know what you think!

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Tyro said...

you should listen to Dawkins for the scientific point of view and not for new/old or any kind of atheism if there are such things. yes, he does represent the views of millions of atheists worldwide but that is because we have read his books and agree with his fundamental ideas that things need to be proven by evidence and not by age old scriptures. otherwise he does not represent anybody but himself. atheists cannot be bundled into group of like minded people even though we have like minded ideas. it is a one man revolution and it is beautiful because it is true.