Friday, July 20, 2012

Do you believe in extraterrestials? If so, are they saved?

I've asked this question before. If Jesus is the way, truth, and life (as many confess) what happens if there is life on other planets in our galaxy or other galaxies, for that matter? What does it mean to claim that the Word became flesh, human flesh, presumably? Is God's election of a people and a person - and thus the world, galaxy, or universe - a singularly significant reality/event or just something significant for our particular galaxy? Are there other versions of the salvation story to be experience in other galaxies? These questions are hitting closer and closer to home. There may just be a mad dash to the science fiction section at the bookstore for ways of processing these questions! Looks like people are going to need a crash course in imagination. Thomas O'Meara, OP is one of the first I've seen really ponder this question, although I'm sure there are others. Who else is writing about these things from a theological perspective? I'd love to know.

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