Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Is The Dark Knight a better Trilogy than The Lord of the Rings?

Who would win in a fight: The Dark Knight or the Lord of the Rings?

Check out Craig Detweiler's article, here, where he hashes out his reasons for suggesting why DK is a better trilogy than LotR. (The underlying assumption being that these are the two best trilogies of the last ten years).

The basis for his thinking is centered on the question of violence, particularly the kind of violent world we live in now (The DK era) versus then (The LotR era). He is banking his argument on that fact that the world changed in such a way in 2001 that the LotR no longer speaks to the kind of violent world we live in, but the DK does. The former, he suggest, speaks to a post WWII world while the latter speaks to a terrorist/vigilante kind of world.

What do you think? Is this enough to warrant the DK as a better trilogy than the LotR?

Don't feel like you have to uses his categories, though. Make your own argument.

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