Monday, August 13, 2012

Abide with Me by Elizabeth Strout

Two quotes from Elizabeth Strout's book, Abide with Me. As a minister, myself, I probably get these quotes a little (a lot) more than those who are not ministers. Still, I think they translate. Strout's book has been a surprising means of grace.

- "The minister, relieved by this assignment of something specific to do, decided he would drive to Hollywell and do his shopping there rather than risk being seen by one of his congregation close to West Annett, who might - after Sunday - wonder whether he himself had not fallen prey to the Perils of Personal Vanity. He found his wallet, his car keys, his hat, and humming softly the hymn that had come into his head, "I would be true for there are those who trust me," the man walked down the tilting porch steps" (12).

- "Tyler tapped his mouth with his fingers. He thought of Bonhoeffer writing that it was not love that sustained a marriage but the marriage that would sustain the love. Tyler wanted to mention this, but Doris's weeping had become very noisy. Tyler could not recall any parishioner making the noise Doris was making, sobs climbing on top of one another. He moved farther back in his chair" (39).

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My cousin is Scott Savage @ I just found his answer to Did Jesus Christ exist at
and somehow was linked to your blog. I hope you will consider praying for him.