Monday, August 06, 2012

Do you agree? Bruce McCormack on what is Modern Theology

"'Modern' theology emerged, in my view, at the point at which (on the one hand) church-based theologians ceased trying to defend and protect the received orthodoxies of the past against erosion and took up the more fundamental challenge of asking how the theological values resident in those orthodoxies might be given an altogether new expression, dressed out in new categories for reflection. It was the transition, then, from a strategy of 'accommodation' to the task of 'mediation' that was fundamental in the ecclesial sphere. In philosophy, as it relates to the theological enterprise (on the other hand), the defining moment that effected a transition entailed a shift from a cosmologically based to an anthropologically based metaphysics of divine being."

- Bruce L. McCormack in Mapping Modern Theology: A Thematic and Historical Introduction, 3

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