Monday, March 26, 2012

Quote by Frederich Buechner

"The distances between the inner world that each of us is are greater in their way than the distances between the outer world of interstellar space, but in another way, the worlds of all of us are also the same world ... We are all of us in it together, and it is in us all. So if preachers or lecturers are to say anything that really matters to anyone including themselves, they must say it not just to the public part of us that considers interesting thoughts about the Gospel and how to preach it, but to the private, inner part too, to the part of us all where our dreams come from, both our good dreams and our bad dreams, elucidation less than evocation, where our concern is less with how the Gospel is to be preached than with what the Gospel is and what it is to us. They must address themselves to the fullness of who we are and to the emptiness too, the emptiness where grace and peace belong but mostly are not, because terrible as well as wonderful things have happened to us all." - Frederich Buechner, Telling the Truth, 3ff

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