Saturday, May 26, 2012

Around the Horn

So I guess I decided to take a week off of blogging. It was totally an accident. Here's the latest cyber-round up:

- Tim Suttle asks what the chief political concern of the Bible is.

- NPR selects its three-minute fiction winner (via Tony Jones). Wow, this is good. Gotta go hug my kids now.

- Two new TV shows, one I'm really excited to watch and one I am kind of excited/marginally interested in watching. Hatfields and McCoy's and Longmire.

- Katie's book - Whirlybirds and Ordinary Times - came in the mail this week in bound galley form, which is a pretty well edited, but not quite finished version of her book. She is supposed to send these to famous people in order for them to lavish her with praise on her all around general awesomeness. No, she's not asking me to write for the back cover because I will get her nothing in terms of publicity, but as you can see I would be good at it. (I love you).

- Walter Brueggemann shares a few words on the art and goal of preaching.

- Ron Benefiel was guest lecturer at this years H. Orton Wiley Lecture Series in Theology. He gave four lectures around this theme: Mission Ecclesia, Missio Dei: A Wesleyan Perspective on the Church in Mission. As a Nazarene and alumn of PLNU this makes me happy!

(image via flickr, cc)

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